Dogs Cats Water Dispenser Electric Cycle Filter Hyperoxia Water Fountain Pet Supplies

Dogs Cats Water Dispenser Electric Cycle Filter Hyperoxia Water Fountain Pet Supplies
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Oписание продукта

Product name; Detachable four-wheel multi-use pet trolley
      Specifications; Dimensions Length 62 Width 35 Height 39 Pulley Height 46CM
               Packing size 40*63*12.5CM
               Net weight 3.2KG Gross weight 4KG
             Material High Elastic Scrub 900D
      Description; whether you have sometimes wanted to bring a pet to go out and play, but there is no suitable travel tool, resulting in the appearance of inaccessible means of transportation or nuisance to other pedestrians during the outing. regret. However, if the proper pet box is selected for the pet, the above problems can be largely avoided. At present, there are pet trolleys on the market, but most of them are the same as the normal suitcases. When used, the cabinet is tilted, and the pets cannot stand still and feel uncomfortable. It is extremely inconvenient to use, and most of the existing pet trolley boxes cannot be folded. Due to the relatively large size and relatively high transportation costs, it usually takes up more space at home.
       This is a utility model foldable trolley case that can hold pets as well as carry luggage. When using, the state of the box is always kept horizontal, and the pet stays in the room more comfortable; the box body is also provided with a hand strap, and when climbing stairs or the road is uneven, the box body can be pulled up directly through the hand strap; unused The bottom plate and the box can be separated, and the box can be folded to save storage space and be convenient for transportation.
      The bag is made of high-elastic matte 900D oxford that is waterproof and easy to clean. The entire bag has very good breathability and concealment, and the side has 2 large screens with roller blinds to ensure adequate air convection and hide the dog inside when opened. The retractable panoramic sunroof at the top can increase concealment and air circulation, and it also allows you to notice the dog\'s condition inside. Large internal space, good support, strong and durable. There are 2 adjustable safety buckles inside, which can be used together with 2 dogs.
The use of four industrial metal wheels effectively ensures greater resistance and greater travel.
      Installation method; After tearing the Velcro on the bottom of the bag, place it in the central position of the carriage and glue the Velcro on the six parts of the carriage. When using, pay attention to the pull rod to be fully pulled out to move up and down. When turning, try to avoid sudden force. This may cause the lever to break.